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I am a Palestinian woman choreographer living in Palestine\Israel. I am a feminist coming from a traditional Arab society making contemporary dance work that challenges our customs and gender norms. I am Palestinian Arab with an Israeli ID, making contemporary dance work that challenges the political status-quo on a contested piece of land.

I live in a severely complicated reality, disliked by many Israelis because I am Arab, and rejected by many Arabs because I work with Jewish Israelis. My identity doesn't fit neatly into any society’s expectations of me. 

My only real home is my body; My identity, the artistic generator; My psyche, the laboratory. 

My body of work is an accumulation of attempts to unravel a lifetime of frustration and contradiction and a search to find the freedom I have been denied. My recent works are a series of solos which seek to dissolve the physical and psychological boundaries by which others define me. 

My pieces are physically and psychologically demanding, both of myself and of those watching. I make art for myself, for my wholeness, for my humanity. And I share this art with those who will open their hearts and minds. 

As my artistic practice evolves, I continue to use trauma and psychology as initiators for artistic processes, expanding my circle of artistic collaborators, building our own kind of borderless artistic community. 

I continue to live and create in a divided place, my dance-making my act of resistance. 

Artist Statement
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